Trouble in Mind: An Unorthodox Introduction to Psychiatry

Psychiatric Mind: making sense of and treating mental illness as a problem of mental functioning.

Bonus Material: a guided tour of the DSM, a beginner's guide to psychiatric assessment, and a glossary.

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What's in the Book?

Organic Mind: an overview of the functions of the human mind from the evolutionary perspective, a brief trip around the human brain, and a primer on the brain's adaptations to the environment.

Elementary Mind: the major input and output functions of the brain. How the environment is processed via perception into useful information. How bodily physiology sets goals for and arouses action. How goal-directed action is assembled and controlled.

Integral Mind: assembly of the elements of mental life into adaptive action. How arousal focuses attention and establishes memory. How drives are originated, regulated and prioritized. Emotional life: how what we know and what we want affects how we feel.

Synthetic Mind: projection of integral functions into the unknown and unknowable. How we choose when we cannot predict. How we predict when we do not know. How we work with the most unpredictable force of all: other people.