Trouble in Mind: An Unorthodox Introduction to Psychiatry

Has psychiatry lost its mind?

What's Wrong With my Mind?

If you don't suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction, or some other psychiatric disorder, you almost certainly know people who do. And you, or they, may have wondered: what is wrong with me?

A psychiatrist fifty years ago probably would have answered that question by telling you about unresolved sexual conflicts rooted in your early childhood experiences.

A modern psychiatrist would ask about all your symptoms, then consult a catalog (the DSM-IV) to find the diagnosis that best matches your condition.

But are these the answers you seek? When you ask a medical doctor to help you understand your problem, you expect to hear how some failure of bodily function causes distress, dysfunction, and danger. Although penetrating interpretations and diagnostic labels are useful up to a point, they do not provide the kind of medical understanding that can be essential as you learn to fight or live with your illness.